David Pesek

David J. Pesek, Ph.D.

Dr. Pesek has practiced naturopathic healthcare for nearly 33 years. He has created a dynamic, leading-edge system, Holistic Iridology®, which includes his contribution of interpreting conscious and subconscious thought and emotional patterns through the eyes. This system is now used in 32 countries reaching 6 continents around the world.

David is one of only several people to earn a Doctorate in Iridology from the University of Health Science under the mentoring of Dr. Bernard Jensen.

Dr. Pesek is heralded as "The New Pioneer in Iridology" by the National Health Federation of America and as "One of the World´s Pre-eminent Iridologists" by the Consumer Health Organization of Canada. In Brazil he received the Dr. Ignaz Péczely Award in recognition of his contributions to the advancement of iridology worldwide. David has also been honored by the Sovereign Order of St. John in Malta as a Knight Commander for his lifetime of work in helping to improve the health of humanity.

As an internationally recognized authority in the fields of iridology and tissue cleansing, Dr. Pesek is on the faculty of several institutions that teach natural and integrative medicine. He also serves as the president of the International College of Iridology.

David is dedicated to the wellness and spiritual enlightenment of humanity.

Kimberley Edwards

Kimberley H. Edwards

Kimberley is a certified medical assistant and has worked as such in the fields of plastic surgery, obstetrics and gynecology and chiropractic. In 1982 she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from California State University -- Northridge and worked two years on a Masters in Audiology before moving to South Florida and going to work at Dr. David J. Pesek's Center for Effective Living in 1991. She soon became Dr. Pesek's personal assistant and has been working in that capacity for almost 20 years. During that time, Kimberley took all three levels of the program in Holistic Iridology through the International Institute of Iridology. Along with her duties as Dr. Pesek's assistant with the International Institute of Iridology, she performs some administrative duties for the International College of Iridology and is an editor for the International Journal of Iridology and Integrative Healthcare.

Kimberley currently resides in Waynesville, North Carolina with her husband, Michael, and their two cats.

Jose Naar

José A. Naar, Dip.H.Ir.

José is a native of the Dominican Republic. There he graduated from Renacimiento Academy. When he came to America, José studied Anatomy and Physiology at St. John University. Further, he has taken an intensive course at the School of Biological Science in Valencia, Spain. He has completed his CNHP studies and is near to earning an ND through Trinity College. José has achieved the distinction of Diplomate of Holistic Iridology. He has been serving people who are seeking natural healthcare for 29 years through his Sano Health Food Center in New York City. José has a television show, Vida Sana, where he educates the public about the benefits of natural and preventive healthcare.


David Trudeau

David F. Trudeau,
N.M.D., Dip.H.Ir.

Dr. David F. Trudeau has been in the natural wellness field for 20 years. He is a Diplomate of Holistic Iridology and has earned a Doctorate of Natural Medicine. Dr. Trudeau is on the Advisory Board for the International College of Iridology. He is the Director of Training for Beam Ray, LLC; teaches/trains internationally; owns his own company called Creative Training World; works with frequency and energy medicine and is an Ordained Minister.

Dr. Trudeau is currently the North America technical support and trainer for the Pesek Professional and Clinical Iriscopes and for Iridology Station 5.1 software.

David is an accomplished flutist - composing, playing, and producing music with the Native American flute.  He has produced two CD's to date, and is currently working on his third.

Dr. Trudeau currently resides in New Mexico with his wife, 2 cats, 1 milk snake, an Angora goat who adopted them, and numerous wildlife.


Brian Garced, Dip.H.Ir.

Brian Garced first began working with Dr. Pesek in the summer of 2001, as English to Spanish interpreter for the Spanish division of the International College of Iridology. Brian's interest in natural health and medicine was ignited during his childhood by his mother and grandmother. At age 16, he took his first seminar on nutrition, and before age 18 had already taken seminars on iridology, nutrition, reflexology, and kinesiology. Brian is currently working on his Diplomate of Holistic Iridology and a Doctorate of Naturopathy, all while going to college to become a Doctor of Internal Medicine. He is also the president and founder, along with his family, of a health food store in Miami, FL called Nutri-Natural Products Inc.


Ovidio Peña

Ovidio Peña, Dip.H.Ir.

Ovidio Peña is a native of Monterrey, México. He received a BS in Biochemical Engineering from the Instituto Politécnico Nacional in México City. He then worked for three years in private industry and two years for the Government of México before coming to the United States in 1976.

Ovidio learned the English language while earning a Diploma from the Bible Institute of Christ Gospel Church International in Jeffersonville, Indiana. He also worked for the Colgate Palmolive Co. as a Quality Control Chemist for over 27 years, until his retirement in 2007.

Ovidio waited for guidance from the Lord to find a meaningful manner in which to help others find a balanced life; spiritually, emotionally and physically. When he attended the Iridology Congress in 2008, he knew that Iridology was the answer.

He is a Certified Natural Health Professional and earned the distinction of Diplomate in Holistic Iridology from the International Institute of Iridology in 2009. Now he has started his practice, Awesome Iris & Natural Health, in Sellersburg, Indiana using the Pesek Clinical Iriscope. Roxanne, his wife, has been an excellent assistant and an inspiration for this new endeavor.

Ovidio enjoys being of help to the International College of Iridology and to anyone who wishes to further understand Holistic Iridology.

International Advisory Board

Andre Garcia

Prof. André W. Garcia,


Gilberto Diaz Morales

Gilberto Diaz Morales,
C.H.H.P., FIfHI, Dip.H.Ir.

Puerto Rico

Ta-En Lo

Ta-En Lo,
M.D., Dip.H.Ir.



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Nanette Contreras,
C.T.N., Dip.H.Ir.

Nanette Contreras native of El Paso, Texas.  She received a BS in Geology and Control Engineering from the University of Texas Permian Basin in 1984. She worked as a staff Geologist in Midland, Texas until 1986. She moved back to El Paso and worked in the manufacturing industry until 2003. She received an MBA in International Manufacturing from the University of Texas at El Paso in 1996.

In 2003 she was introduced to the EPFX Biofeedback device and her life changed completely. That same year, she enrolled at the IQBNM in San Diego to pursue a Naturopath degree. She earned a Diplomate of Holistic Iridology in 2006 from the International Institute of Iridology. She received the distinction of Certified Traditional Naturopath from the American Naturopathic Certification Board in 2007. She currently resides in El Paso, Texas where she has a successful practice and travels extensively.


Beverly R. Wells,
C.N., MIfHI, Dip.H.Ir.

With over 30 years of extensive experience in the Natural Foods and Holistic Health industry, Beverly remains current in the newest advancements in homeopathic/holistic health. She has owned Heart & Sole since 1998, a successful Holistic Education and Wellness Center, in Las Vegas, Nevada and now currently in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.  Here she is able to practice her many licensed and accredited disciplines which include, but are not limited to, Holistic Iridology, Reflexology, Blood Type Education, Nutrition Counseling, Three in One Concepts, Reiki, and Massage. 

She thoroughly enjoys educating others in her quest for a more natural world.  She was an instructor of Holistic Reflexology at the College of Southern Nevada, and is also an approved provider from NCBTMB to teach and provide continuing education credits. She has a strong internal desire to teach others to take a more proactive, productive, holistic approach to obtain optimal wellness and let go of past limitations (both known and unknown) that may be keeping them from living an optimal lifestyle.

Beverly loves living on the beach where she is able to take meditative walks while being a short drive to her children and, most importantly, her 3 granddaughters.  She will continue learning the latest in holistic health and educate society on the importance of a more natural approach to wellness, health and lifestyle.